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Gold-, brass-, stainless steel-, coated-, telephone- and copper- wires. Stones, minerals, a potato, copper sheet, paper, encyclopaedia and atlas pages, printed circuit board, wood and cardboard, 2014.

Installation view at Hanging Around, CBK Amsterdam.

Perceiving the Internet as a virtual cloud of information is not dissimilar to how I visualise my brain and all the thoughts and chaos of my mind. And it is not dissimilar to how I envisage the universe either—a similarly complex and not fully observable entity. The universe, the Internet, the brain, are infinitely complex and hard to visualize or map out and what we understand of them is only through representation.

Ideas and questions about chaos, imperfection, connections, infinity, virtual clouds, analogue versus digital, nature versus technology, expansion, shreds of imperfect knowledge, borders and pathways: This is the mystery I sought to explore. I want to consider what the Internet, brain and our microcosm of the universe feels like, looks like, I want to know how it smells. Brain-net came into being as a prelude to Touche-à-Tout.

With Brain-net I am suspended inside my web, suspended in the complex network of my mind, hanging, floating in space, surrounded by planets, stones, fragments of information and memories.

Photography Gert Jan van Rooij

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